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Wildlife Update - spotters corner.

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Jonathan Lloyd
January 25, 2021 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group! This group is used y members for daily or weekly records of wildlife seen locally. For example if you have been for a walk and passed over the Strine Bridge and you saw a Kingfisher, an Otter or a Common Sandpiper then members might like to know about this. If you have heard your first Cuckoo or seen your first Swallow we would like hear from you. Perhaps something happened in your garden, you have found a colony of Ivy Mining bees. Perhaps you have found a birds nest or discovered that a Nuthatch is nesting in Hole in your wall. You can add photographs, videos, mobile phone shots or digital cameras. get involved and help build the community.


Welcome to the group! This group is used by members for dail...
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