Activities for Children
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We thought it might be nice to include some links to  some projects suitable for children. Home tutoring has been a great challenge for parents during lockdown. Here some activities/investigations. 


Don't forget to check the House Sparrow project on our site for further ideas. These activities range from making bird feeders and bird tables to watching the behaviour of birds.

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Step by Step....finding out about Birds Feet

Early Birds....... an easy experiment to try out in the garden

Feathers Apart....learning about parts of a bird used to identify them

Treasure Hunt...exploring where you live and seeing what wildlife you can find.



Masses of fun here for all ages, Feed the Hornbill, Sound of the Forest, Otters Colouring Sheet, colour Scavenger Hunt etc etc

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Parkdean Resorts

There are great fun activities in here. Going on nature Hunt, learn about the Palnet with David Attenborough, Make some pebble art. Grow your own Veg. etc

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