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Edgmond Needs You - Calling All Gardeners!

We need your help. We want you to grow some wild flower plants for us. Everybody in the family can be involved. This could be part of a scout badge or a challenge for the WI or Kinnersley Gardening Club.  It is not difficult, no special skills or equipment needed and it is your chance to get involved. Check out he full information HERE


We will provide the wildflower seeds and in the spring it will be your job to sow them in pots or seed trays or even in yoghurt pots (with Holes)! When the seeds germinate you may need to plant them on into their own pots so they are not overcrowded. Then you will need to grow them on for us until they are big enough to transplant? These are wildflowers, so there will be no need for any special growing conditions –  just a bit of love and attention.


We  will then organise some planting days when either you, or other volunteers, can plant out your carefully nurtured babies!


Edgmond Wildlife Group has a plan to improve the biodiversity of the Church Field. We are trying to increase the number and variety of wild flowers and grasses that grow there. This in turn improves the environment for bugs and creepy crawlies, as well as frogs, toads and small mammals. We are focusing our effort this spring on the long grass areas around the edge of the field. We have already recorded our first Grasshoppers on this site but we can do better! These are the areas we intend to subsidise with the wild flowers that you grow for us/ This is an important part of our project, not only will the field look more attractive but a new planting would attract more pollinators such as bees and butterflies.


So we want to make this easy for you. So you can contact us in any of these ways. Any way that you feel comfortable with:


Email  us:

Leave a message on next door as a comment under this post

Text privately on

Message Edgmond Wildlife through Facebook

Put a note through my door (4 School Road)


This is what we need to know.

  1. Who You are: Name

  2. Contact details: email/address

  3. How many people are you representing.


This information will be used to work out how many packets of seeds we need and how many to distribute to you. We don’t anticipate over loading anybody with too many seeds (1 seedtray, half a dozen pots) unless they state they have the capacity and want to do more!

Developing Links - New Projects. Our group continues to have virtual meetings using video conferencing (ZOOM). We have been working on developing our links with a range of outside agencies, including the  Conservation Group at HAU. We have joined the The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)  and this will allow us to share experiences with a range of other voluntary groups across the UK. Representatives from other groups and  agencies have also  been invited to join our zoom meetings. We have also been looking to broaden our focus for next year and have started an exciting new link with Wall Farm on the Weald Moors, more to follow.

History of the Church Field. The Edgmond Wildlife Group is currently working with the Trustees of the Church Field to improve the environment of the field for people and wildlife. We have made a good start - you might have visited recently and seen the changes we have made. We thought it would be fun to find out more about how the field has been used over time and to try to build a picture of its history.


We obviously know that it has been cut by a tractor for the last 20 years or so (ever since the school was relocated). But what do you know about how it was used and looked after before that? We know there was a tennis court near the road and there used to be goal posts too. Someone told us that they remember there being cattle in the field once upon a time. Do you remember when the new graveyard was created? Do you have memories or photos that you would like to share with us? We would love to build up a picture of the history of the Field that we could then share via our website and perhaps even create a real picture book of memories and photos.


If you have any memories or photos to share, please do get in touch. leave comments/photographs:


By posting on the Nextdoor group EDGMOND PAST



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