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It was a very special day on Saturday 23rd October 2021.At last we could sow the seeds for our own, very special, Edgmond Meadow.


Thank you to all of the members of Edgmond Wildlife Group who have helped at every stage in the long process. Big thanks to Mark at HAU, Gary and Richard from Edgmond Hall and all the members of our community who have helped and encouraged us along the way. Without your support none of this would have been possible.




  • Last year 2020 we cut and removed grass from the meadow area in order to reduce the soil fertility. This is a necessary prerequisite for meadow creation. 

  • We maintained a path around the meadow which people enjoyed walking.

  • We monitored what was growing in the meadow to ensure we were not going to lose anything when we replanted.


  • We allowed the meadow area to grow tall and then cut with a power scythe in late summer.

  • Volunteers helped collect he hay and pile it up.

  • Neil Furness  took the hay away and bailed it.

  • We carried out soil analysis to determine that soil beneath the meadow was low in nutrients.

  • Mark from HAU arrived and the 22nd October and the meadow area was blecavated (sort of rotovated!!)

  • On 23rd October we divided the meadow into 8 parts (roughly equal) and divided the meadow seed into 8 parts using scales.

  • The meadow seed was sown by hand and then the seed rolled into the seedbed manually.

Wildlife Round Up

Click HERE or the latest report If you want to contribute your sighting, bird , mammal, amphibian, flower or any other wildlife observation please mail me and I will try to include you in this posting.


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The House Sparrow Project


The House Sparrow  population has decline by 71% since the 1970s.









If you haven't got time to get involved in  the House Sparrow research and observation project (see the projects section on this site) then you can support the work of EWG by putting up a House Sparrow Apartment or Nestbox on your house. You can source one on the net or buy one from our local helper. Andy Bishop.  A 3 hole (Apartment) £12 and single hole box £6. Email Andy here................

Thanks Andy.


Andy has also been helping with our Hedgehog conservation Boxes during the last few years. NB: If want to make your own then the plans are on Part B of the House Sparrow project sheets HERE

Guardians of the Trees

by Jonathan Lloyd - Edgmond Wildlife Group.

This may seem like a slightly over dramatic title but perhaps we need to rethink our relationship with trees. I mean, trees ‘breathe’ out oxygen and we breathe it in. That’s pretty handy!........ Full Article HERE

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EWG Biodiversity Day – A Wild Day
12 June 2021

What a great day. Driven by the need to at last actively engage with our 95 members we set out to offer something a little different to our wildlife enthusiasts. The opportunity to meet with members has been severely restricted by the situation with respect to the pandemic.

Our Biodiversity Day was a first attempt to do some practical hands-on activities in 2021. Everything went brilliantly, even the weather! We have had so much positive feedback from those attending the event and for this we thank you.

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I must take this opportunity to thank all those involved for all their hard work. These events require significance preparation and organisation and I must thank the committee, Jan, Jim and Anne for all their support. Much goes on behind the scenes for these events. It is not just leading activities during the day but putting up gazeboes, arranging chairs and tables, sorting insurance, making sure that orders for equipment are prepared and monitored against budgets, preparing gardens and food, preparing forms and lists, creating guides to bats and mammals, sorting first aid and risk assessments. The list is endless. Without the hard work of our members, supporters and the committee none of this could have taken place. A big thanks to those who made cakes and donated food for the BBQ and a little special thanks to Joe Nunn who seemed to always find the right time to step in and offer help during the day.

Our aim was to engage members in a way that would help them to appreciate the wealth of wildlife that lives in and around the village. During the day we wanted to accumulate data from observations and other activities that would help us to identify types of plants, insects, birds and animals.

Obviously, it was not possible to cover everything, but an exciting programme of dawn chorus, guided bird walk, small mammal trapping, last night’s moths, a wildflower walk and bat detecting went some way towards meeting our objective.

pygmy shrew.JPG

Finally, can we just say what a great way to finish year one of EWG and very big thanks to everyone for making this day so memorable.

A full copy of our Biodiversity Day 2021 Report can be found HERE
Hedgehog Survey 2021

Thanks to everyone who took part in our village hedgehog survey. The results for this year are in the report which you can find  HERE 
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Get Your

Hedgehog Highway Badge

We want to encourage people in Edgmond to create Hedgehog Highways. So, when you have linked your garden to a neighbours post a photo on here and we will send you our special Hedgehog Highway Badge to put by it Screw the badge to a fence panel or post and show other people in Edgmond we are working to conserve Hedgehogs. It might be a 13cm square hole in a fence, a gap cut in the bottom of a gate or even a tunnel under a concrete fence. We have a limited supply so get cracking.

Well done to the 5 households in Edgmond who have already received their badges.

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