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Welcome to Edgmond Wildlife Group (EWG). This page tells you why community wildlife conservation is so important.

Who are we?
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What do we do?

The Edgmond Wildlife Group (EWG) was formed in the Spring of 2020. A few residents came together to share their concerns about the environment. They decided to try to do something about it on a local scale. Some of us have a background in conservation but the common thread running through the Group is a desire to work with local people to make our environment more diverse and therefore better for wildlife and people.

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What do we believe in?

It’s never too late to make changes that will help wildlife in our local area. By joining together, we can achieve great things – we can create a patchwork of wildlife-friendly areas across our Parish and then we can start to join them up. Often, we can see wildlife benefits by simply being more relaxed about ‘messy’ areas in our gardens. We believe that we must  try to understand the needs of the natural world around us, only then can we take the steps necessary to conserve what we have. If we make small improvements to our gardens, green spaces and the wider countryside this will help to develop an environment rich in wildlife.

We are a ‘hands-on’ Group. With help, nothing is too big or insurmountable! We can take on practical conservation projects in our local area or we can advise on how to improve habitats for wildlife on your ‘personal patch’. We want to inspire you to learn more about our wildlife and the environment. Could you help to make Edgmond a wildlife-friendly place? We particularly want to involve and engage children and young adults in our work.

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Why join us?

Everyone benefits from a healthy, green  environment, rich in wildlife. Do you want to work with the community to improve our local environment? Would you like to help us develop a greater variety of different habitats in and around our village? Do you want to share the pleasure of watching local wildlife and develop your knowledge and understanding of the natural world? If these are challenges you would like to engage with, then this is the group for you. There will be projects for all ages and abilities, so if you love your wildlife, join EWG and help protect it for everyone.

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