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PROJECT - Help the House Sparrow

House Sparrow numbers have fallen by 50% since the 1970s so it seems like a good idea to find out more about them and see what we in Edgmond can do to help them.

There are 4 Activities in this project and you will find a project sheet to download and print for each part of the project. 

Part A  - Finding Out.  This activity has been created in order to get you researching about the House Sparrow.  So get your Google skills working, check out your wildlife books and see if you can find the answers. The research questions are at two different levels. Web sites for the RSPB and the BTO are definitely worth a visit. Download

House sparrow in Gutter dark.jpg
landscape nest box.jpg

Part B - Taking Action. This project sheet is full of practical activities like making feeders, bird tables and House Sparrow apartments. If these activities are being undertaken with the family, supervision is essential. You will also find a link on this project sheet to a member of EWG who will make nest boxes for you. His contact details and prices can be found here. Download.

house sparrows and blackberries.jpg
2020-11-18 (3).png

Part C - Wildwatch Sparrow. This activity is about observation. We can all tick lists but naturalists like to watch animal behaviour. Understanding the lives of animals helps us to work out how we can help them. This activity can be started now and carried on through the year. There are points for everything you see and a final score of 300 points gets you a certificate. We encourage you to work as a family or to get your friends involved. Download.

Useful Link HERE

Part D - Information Sheet. This sheet is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It will help you answer the questions set out in the other activities. 

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