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Send in your records

Hello, this section of our site is a weekly roundup of wildlife sightings and observations from in and around Edgmond. The area covered includes our neighbouring Weald Moors is fairly local but flexible. We are interested in what you have seen on your local walks, not just birds, but wildlife of all types. Birds, mammals, insects, flowers are all included. We would also like to know more about what you have seen and heard in your gardens.

There many people now restricted to walking locally for relaxation and fresh air during lockdowns. Walking and reconnecting with nature is very good for your health and hopefully by telling you what to look out for we can enhance your experience. If you have a pair of binoculars put them on and see what you can see.



Don't forget to tell us about what you have seen. Your reports can be part of the weekly Wildlife Round Up, so send them to Jon using any method you are happy with. You can also email Jon here:


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