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Hedgehog HQ
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Latest village observations and photos

Practical advice about what you can do in your garden to help village hedgehogs.

EHCA survey results 2020

For serious injuries  click this link for details of a local wildlife rescue centre.

Phone Jon for an initial enquiry about  local Hedgehogs in difficulty. 07738599393

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Edgmond Hedgehog Conservation Area (EHCA)

The EHCA was formed and approved by Edgmond Parish Council in 2018.


The community has come together in order to make changes to our village gardens and open spaces, thereby ensuring that they are hedgehog friendly. Her are some of the things we have done.




  • Made changes so that hedgehogs can move freely between gardens on Hedgehog Highways.

  • Built hibernation and breeding boxes to encourage safe residency for our local animals.

  • Leaving small areas of our garden to go a little wild thereby creating great places for hedgehogs to forage at night.

  • Putting additional food out at night to supplement the food on offer in the wild. This is particularly useful in the late autumn months in the build up to hibernation.

We have also made a significant contribution to the rehabilitation of rescue Hedgehogs by taking hedgehogs from Cuan Wildlife Rescue Centre and releasing them in our village gardens. 

In 2020 we carried out the first  Village Hedgehog Survey in Edgmond,  breaking new ground in hedgehog conservation for the UK.  The report for the Survey can be found here. RESULTS 2020

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