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The Church Field

The Church Field is held in Trust by the Lichfield Diocese. In agreement with the Trustees, Edgmond Wildlife Group (EWG) is creating more varied habitats for wildlife and improving the area for recreation.

This is a long term project although we have already made some significant changes.


Our main targets are:

  1. To increase the value of the field for leisure activities

  2. To improve the quality of  the grass sward in the recreational area marked B on the map below .

  3. To create a Shropshire meadow in the area marked A on the map below. We are looking to increase the variety of wildflowers and grasses in this area  in order to attract more invertebrates.  (Moths, Butterflies and other insects).

  4. To create some wild long grass  and wildflower areas around the field margins to encourage bank voles, hedgehogs and other  mammals and birds.

Why not visit the Field and see how we are getting on.

CF noticeboard Erection.jpg

What has happened so far?

  1. The first Grasshoppers have returned.

  2. With the help of Edgmond Hall, the new grass cutting plan has made a vast improvement to the Recreational Area. (A)

  3. We have prepared the shrub planting areas for a late November/December work party

  4. An interpretation board has been built and positioned on the field.

  5. A new gate has been designed and built. It is now in its final stages and nearing completion.

  6.  Wild flowers have been planted in some of the rough grass areas of the field (D).

  7. We have cut the meadow  and removed the cuttings on several occasions this year in order to reduce the level of soil nutrients. We are hoping to sow this area with meadow seeds in 2021.

  8.  We have produced a new family leaflet for visitors. (See above). You can find one in the leaflet box attached to the noticeboard on the Church Field or you can download and print one by clicking on the image above.

pied wagtail.jpg
speckled wood.jpg

A more detailed description of the Church Field and in particular its habitat and management can be found in this file.  Click the Image to download.

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