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We are  currently engaged in a number of conservation projects.

Church Field

We are engaged in a long term project to  create a range of wildlife habitats on the Church Field. it is our intention ensure that such a development will also provided the community with enhanced opportunities for leisure activities.


The Control of Himalayan Balsam

The group is helping to eradicate an invasive plant threatening to take over a valuable wildlife habitat on the land belonging to Edgmond Hall. 

work party 1 EH balsam.JPG

Hedgehog Conservation

We are working as a community to help hedgehogs in our village gardens and open spaces. 

hedgehog highway badge.jpg
Help the House Sparrow
We are working  together to learn about the House Sparrow and developing ways to improve their conservation status in Edgmond
House Sparrow (12 of 30).jpg
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