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Site updated 12th February 2023​


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Briefing on EWG Activity

    Sunday 19th Feb. 9.00am start at the SWT reserve Loynton Moss. Meet in the car park. Details have been sent to members.

  2. 2500 Trees - lets put the Hedges back
    Work Party 12th February.

  3. Latest Report on Himalayan Balsam control HERE

  4. Completed a 3rd winter bird survey on Edgmond Hall land. Happy to report that overwintering Woodcock are still using this area.

  5. English Winter Bird Survey (EWBS) visits two and three visits, for January and February done. All transects on Harper Adams University farmland completed for this month. Records Lapwing and male Stonechat were notable. 

  6. Work continues at St Peters Primary School. The wildlife area is getting a trim this week, removing low branches to increase light and reduce risks.

  7. The trees have now been planted  on the margins of Edgmond playing fields. We are now awaiting the arrival of bark to be used as a mulch around the base of the new trees/shrubs. We have asked T&W Council to mark these new margins with white posts to avoid contractors mowing into these new areas.

  8. 23rd 24th and 25th June
    Heads Up - Wildlife Weekend at the Church Field - Members Only
    This is a fun packed and wizard wildlife activity for all the family. Get the date in your diaryt!!

    We will be bat detecting, bug hunting, small mammal trapping, mothing, and going on wildlife walks locally and much more!! If you want to take part then join and support a wilder Edgmond!

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Check out the

Winter Wildlife Update
for January and February

Click Here

Check out the

Winter Wildlife Update
for January and February

Click Here

Working Together
Join Us and get involved.

Edgmond Scouts and Edgmond Wildlife Group (EWG) joined HAU staff and students to plant a new hedge on the track leading down from Robin Lane. Over forty helpers planted 2500 trees. It was wonderful to see so many young people and their parents involved. This is not the first time that the Scouts and EWH have joined with HAU to improve our local landscape for people and wildlife. 😃👍 Hey, those bacon butties were great!

If YOU want to get involved then join EWG. Membership forms can be found here on our web site and on the FILES menu of Edgmond Wildlife Group Facebook page.


Sorry if we missed you on the photo but some people had left before we got round to taking it! 😢

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EWG - Wildlife Weekend

23rd, 24th and 25th June

We are back with another action-packed weekend that builds on the success of last year’s event. From bats, bugs, birds and moths to mammals and much more.  This is a family event  with activities spread  over three days to give members the opportunity to dip in and out of a whole range of exciting activities.


We have practical hands-on fun with our local wildlife but also a chance to sit and relax with afternoon tea and cake in three wonderful village gardens (with plants for sale).


Then the finale - a member’s garden barbeque. What could be better!


They are back!

Our first Blackcaps are back in the garden, a single male on the 13th and 2 males on the 15th December. The earliest arrival was in the week beginning 9th November in 2020. Over the years from 2015 most arrive in week 49 at the end of November so they are a little bit late this year perhaps because of the exceptionally warm autumn months. Blackcaps are warblers, about the size of a chaffinch, and come here to over winter. They are birds from Eastern Europe. Let me know if you see one. Females have brown caps. You need soft fat slabs to really excite them but they will take sunflower hearts.


Edgmond Wildlife Group - Success!

Thanks to all those intrepid volunteers who braved the freezing temperatures this morning to add trees and shrubs to the depleated hedge lines and corners of Edgmond playing field.

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playing field 3.jpg
playing field 1.jpg

Hay Making - Success!

Planted in the autumn 2021 and harvested in August 2022

Well done to all those involved in our meadow project. It has taken several years to get this stage and a lot of hard work. 

Our new power scythe was in need of a little fresh high octance petrol before it set off at a gentle pace to scythe its way through our 1000 sq meter meadow. A moment to enjoy!

Paula and I cut and raked on Friday and the following day a great team of enthusiastic helpers arrived to move the hay to a stack near the gate ready for Neil Furness to pick up.

Our job is nearly complete for this year! However we do feel that the germination of Yellow Rattle was a little weak! We also thought that the survival of Yorkshire Fog from the the previous field was little too strong!

With these thoughts in mind we will over sow with a good ration of Yellow Rattle in the Yorkshire Fog Areas to weaken its advance and this will give other species a chance.

We cant wait to see what happens next year when we expect other wild flowers to burst through.  
EWG at the Edgmond Fete

The first fete in Edgmond for many years went really well. The EWG committee were on hand to welcome new members, help with wildlife ID and advise on conservation issues. Visiting children came to check out the pond life and small skull collection. We had a great day. The wonderful Edgmond Wildlife Map was created by Paula, it is so good we have used a photograph of it for web site background.

Girl Power!!!!

Here is today's team taking a well earned break after grappling with monstrous amounts of yellow flag choking the St Peters school pond. The group is engaged with trying to sort the children's wildlife area. Today we have also been cutting back to let light in. There is a long way to go yet! Watch out for next work party. Big thanks to all who took part, great progress has been made.

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Seventy Years and Seventy Trees

January 22nd and 23rd - 2022

What a fantastic weekend and a fitting tribute to a Queen, who this year, is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Thanks go to Harper Adams University and the volunteers from Edgmond Wildlife Group who turned out to plant 70 different fruit trees next to a public track on University Land. The volunteer group included representatives from those students from abroad who are currently studying at Harper.  


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Get Your

Hedgehog Highway Badge

We want to encourage people in Edgmond to create Hedgehog Highways. So, when you have linked your garden to a neighbours post a photo on here and we will send you our special Hedgehog Highway Badge to put by it Screw the badge to a fence panel or post and show other people in Edgmond we are working to conserve Hedgehogs. It might be a 13cm square hole in a fence, a gap cut in the bottom of a gate or even a tunnel under a concrete fence. We have a limited supply so get cracking.

Well done to the 5 households in Edgmond who have already received their badges.

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