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Breakthrough!! EWG carries out its first projects with the local primary school.

After a year of extensive work by EWG on St Peters Wildlife area the group moved onto our next stage. Working with the headteacher, Claire Medhurst, and the reception class teacher Mrs Williams the group planned and delivered two projects to a group of 29 students in the reception class. The full report to follow HERE.

Jon Lloyd, the chairperson of EWG said the group had always intended to work closely with children. Our need to educate young children on conservation and wildlife issues has never been more urgent and we have always seen them as vital part of the community.


Our initial aims to engage with schools were thwarted by two unsettling years of Covid and the pandemic. Schools were under a lot of pressure! This was not the right time to introduce new ideas and projects. 

We are making up for lost time now and our volunteers have been working hard to repair and improve the wildlife area at St Peters Primary School. We are now building a long term relationship with the school and will be supporting and delivering wildlife and conservation projects that enhance the curriculum during the coming year.

Girl Power - The team taking a well earnt rest after a busy moring in St Peters Primary School Wildlife area.


Project Summary. Title: NIGHT and DAY

Children explored and investigated the wildlife in their own wildlife area at school in order to discover which birds and animals were using these habitats. This was accomplished by using cameras that respond to movement. The cameras recorded night and day activity. In the second part of the project they set up a number of live, small mammal traps. After a successful night the traps were investigated and the voles and mice identified.


Briefing on EWG Activity

Our recent October

EWG Meeting Highlights.

We discussed the report from Paula Doherty on the tremendous efforts made by members in recent years to control the Himalayan Balsam on Edgmond Hall and Harper Adams University land. Very few plants were found this year showing that our work has paid off. We will continue to monitor the situation as part of our efforts to protect these important habitats. Latest Report on Himalayan Balsam control HERE


A report from Jon Lloyd (recently sent to members) discussed the changes to the Church Field since we began management of this area in 2020. In particular it highlighted to fantastic improvement in the biodiversity of this area and the benefit it has for those visiting from the community. The possible siting of a new bench was also discussed.

There was considerable discussion around the process of getting young people more involved in conservation work. We decided to try and put some activities in place next year that will engage pupils from St Peters Primary School. A survey to establish possible nest box sites, ready for next year, will be undertaken in the coming months.

Church Field Report - increasing Biodiversity - click HERE
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Church Field Autumn Action

The meadow has been cut twice, at the end of September and start of October. Some other test plots have been cut on the right and left of gated entrance from the High Street. These were seeded with wildflowers using the seed bombs prepared by St Peters School. The meadow now has 9 circular plots prepared by members to take 9 different species of meadow wildflower seed. The seed was over sown on the existing meadow to provide more colour and interest. Thanks to all members for your on going support and practical help. You have made this possible. Read the report if you want to find out more. Link above.

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Girl Power!!!!

Here is today's team taking a well earned break after grappling with monstrous amounts of yellow flag choking the St Peters school pond. The group is engaged with trying to sort the children's wildlife area. Today we have also been cutting back to let light in. There is a long way to go yet! Watch out for next work party. Big thanks to all who took part, great progress has been made.

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Seventy Years and Seventy Trees

January 22nd and 23rd - 2022

What a fantastic weekend and a fitting tribute to a Queen, who this year, is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Thanks go to Harper Adams University and the volunteers from Edgmond Wildlife Group who turned out to plant 70 different fruit trees next to a public track on University Land. The volunteer group included representatives from those students from abroad who are currently studying at Harper.  



Get Your

Hedgehog Highway Badge

We want to encourage people in Edgmond to create Hedgehog Highways. So, when you have linked your garden to a neighbours post a photo on here and we will send you our special Hedgehog Highway Badge to put by it Screw the badge to a fence panel or post and show other people in Edgmond we are working to conserve Hedgehogs. It might be a 13cm square hole in a fence, a gap cut in the bottom of a gate or even a tunnel under a concrete fence. We have a limited supply so get cracking.

Well done to the 5 households in Edgmond who have already received their badges.

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