Thanks to our Wildflower Gardeners. 

Sharing our Village with Wildlife - Growing Wildflower Seeds for Edgmond Wildlife Group. A big 'thank you' to everyone who has offered to grow wildflowers from seed for planting out in the Church Field. You should have received your packs and guidance notes by now. A special big thank you to Claire who helped deliver envelopes and also to Yvonne who is going to involve the Scout Group.


Please do post pictures of your seedlings as they grow - it will be great to see how they are developing. I sowed mine this weekend - I have a cold greenhouse so I've started a bit earlier.


Once the plants are robust enough we will organise a planting-out day - probably sometime in the autumn.

103 Facebook followers 34 Edgmond Wildlife Group members

Well  done and a very special EWG welcome to all those people who moved over from a EWG Facebook group member to a fully fledged EWG member. It means a great deal to us. Our target to is to make a full membership of at least 50 members by the end of March. Have you joined? Our figures for membership support our grant application. People will look at these stats and it helps them say yes to grant applications. The more money we raise through grants the more practical conservation we can do and the more educational activities and events we can provide for the community. So a very BIG thank you.

Members ONLY!

It is not always completely obvious what extra content members can see on our website. The opportunity to contribute to our group discussion is certainly a members only activity. Some pages are set with members only permission.

PLEASE NOTE: To access the members section and in particular the interactive groups section (the discussion and observation section) you need to login, top right of the opening page (home). If you haven't done this already you will need to provide your details and register. This information comes back to us and your details as a paid member have to be confirmed by us before you can you access this section. When we have checked this you will receive an email to say that everything is set up.

Of course, once the pandemic has faded, we will be organising events, walks, talks, training, practical conservation activities etc These will be mainly exclusive (members only) activities so details of these events will only be visible by those who have joined EWG.

Members will understand that the website has two purpose. In the first instance it is a marketing opportunity and tells the wider public about us and what we do and provide the necessary connections for people to use if they want to join. Secondly it is opportunity to engage with our members and offer them something different from what is offer the casual visitor to our web site.

Hopefully we can achieve this balance but we are still very much at the beginning of our web site development and as always welcome any suggestions about content or even better we welcome any contributions.


Wildlife Round Up

This has moved to its own page under ABOUT on the menu or click HERE. This section of our web page seems to have developed into a regular posting and we have had some good feedback about this. If you want to contribute your sighting, bird , mammal, amphibian, flower or any other wildlife observation please mail me and I will try to include you in this posting.


Email: jslloyd@btitnernet.com


Website Development and Feedback

The website continues with a gentle flow of visitors.  Please leave your constructive feedback comments  HERE 


Membership is free until June 

Many of you have turned up for work parties, helped with the Hedgehog conservation work etc etc . You are members already!! So we need you to just step over that line and spend a few minutes completing membership application.  (Later on, in June, membership will only cost £8 individual or £10 family and everybody benefits, the village will better for us and better for wildlife.) We have already made a good start just think about what we can do together when the pandemic is over!!!! Read the project section on the web site to find out more about what we are doing, what we believe in etc etc


When you join we will know more about your preferences for communication. Do you use Facebook or  next door? Do we need to email  you etc etc. This helps to connect with the community and of course with more members we are stornger and better able to make the changes


History of the School Field

....we need you help click HERE to find out more.



Adjustments to the Gate post positions have been made and we are just now waiting for  C19 restrictions to lift before we can put the gates where they need to go. Big thanks to Allam for all his hard work on this. Allan 

We are looking for somebody to cut some small signs for us in plastic or wood. Can you help. We want to make markers/labels to put on fences to show Hedgehog Highways. Maybe you have access to a laser cutter?! Contact Jon Lloyd  if you can help. jslloyd@btinternet.com

The House Sparrow Project

The House Sparrow  population has decline by 71% since the 1970s. If you haven't got time to get involved in  the House Sparrow research and observation project (see the projects section on this site) then you can support the work of EWG by putting up a House Sparrow Apartment or Nestbox on your house. You can source one on the net or buy one from our local helper. Andy Bishop.  A 3 hole (Apartment) £12 and single hole box £6. Email Andy here................ andrew.61@btinternet.com.  Thanks Andy. 

Andy has also been helping with our Hedgehog conservation Boxes during the last few years. 

NB: If want to make your own then the plans are on Part B of the House Sparrow project sheets HERE



More News and Information HERE.

Update 24th February 2021


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